Republicans and Democrats Lack Wisdom and Understanding

Published on 25 August 2022 at 06:53

Why did I become a Libertarian? It is because Republicans and Democrats have no plan. Listen carefully to all the rhetoric and talking points from both sides and the media. The agenda or narrative is to rail against what the other side is doing but, at the same time, they offer nothing better in return. In other words, Republicans run against Biden and Democrats run against Trump. Both sides cast each other as radicals but they offer nothing concrete or any new ideas. In fact, it is more common for people to base their vote on the lesser of two evils than to actually support a candidate. This certainly sums up how I vote a vast majority of time. That is because both parties are trending further to right and left respectively while leaving those in the middle with no voice or option. Elections have become about voting for those who may do the least amount of harm. Unfortunately, the second leading reason to vote for a candidate is to choose the person that provides the most freebies or benefits for Americans individually. In other words, many Americans base their vote on personal or selfish gain with no regard to how those policies affect their neighbors or future generations of Americans. Thus, the only plan that Republicans and Democrats offer is one to bribe Americans into voting for them and to blame the other side and paint them as extreme. America needs a third party to represent the middle and to represent Americans collectively, not to represent Americans based on their demographics or ideology.

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