Patrick Bohan for Congress 

I will be at America Fest December 16 - 19 in Phoenix AZ. Book signings for my new book and Constitution discussions all day long. Books can be purchased for a 25% discount and all proceeds go to the campaign. Free copies of the book will be given away throughout the day. 


Beginning January, every first and third Wednesday of every month I will be holding 4 40-minute sessions. The sessions will be at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm Mountain Time. To register sent an email at Or Pease fill out the Name, Email, and Zoom Date and Time on the bottom of this page.


If you want to make a 10-dollar donation to the campaign, please hit the PayPal Button below or use the PayPal or Venmo QR Code. Any person's donations to the campaign accumulate to over 100 dollars have to be reported to the campaign and IRS. In those instances, please send an email to with you name, address, amount of the donation, and date and time it was made or fill out that information on the form below. 


My Campaign Announcement can be viewed below