Policy Platform:


The Constitution does not protect any one value system, it protects the values of everyone collectively so long as those values do not harm other citizens. The Constitution does not recognize any caste system to categorize people based on how we think or look. It does not matter if you are black, Hispanic, Asian, Native-American, white, female, gay, male, transgender, Muslim, Christian, middle class, wealthy, poor, conservative, liberal ... we ALL have the same rights, and it is sworn duty of government to protect those rights from being infringed and to provide us justice if those rights have been infringed. 

Americans should never forget that they are lucky and won the lottery to be a U.S. Citizen. No other country affords citizens such a great opportunity to succeed. However, the window to succeed is dwindling due to massive government expansion and regulation of the private sector.


  1. No more polarizing politics and restore manners in government by getting the government out of the business of regulating how people look and think. 
  2. The government should focus on protecting what citizens have in common - fundamental rights, not issues that focus on what makes citizens different. 
  3. Increase personal liberty by restoring the principle that sovereignty resides with the people and not the government by proposing fundamental rights legislation. 
  4. Minimize the scope and mission of the government to reduce spending and start paying down our debt. This requires reigning in the power, minimizing the scope, and eliminating many federal agencies whose grants of power are beyond Constitutional limits. 
  5. Reduce taxes for ALL citizens. 
  6. Defending national sovereignty by securing our borders, not the borders of foreign countries. 
  7. Separate business and state. Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers in the private sector.
  8. Restore the Founders meaning of the Constitution to protect free speech, states powers, the right to self-defense, religious liberty, property rights, due process rights, and reign in broad modern definitions for the interstate commerce clause, necessary and proper clause, and general welfare clause. 
  9. Emergency government powers should never be granted. Laws should be put in place to ensure if the government feels compelled to act in an emergency, those grants of power should be temporary, applied equally, use the least evasive method to achieve a constitutional objective, be rationally based (not fear), and be renewed every 6 months. Emergency powers should never be granted, but I think it is necessary to put laws in place if the government violates that provision. 
  10. Support educational choice and tax dollars should follow the child. 
  11. Restore republic principles instead of democracy principles for state governments to equalize power between urban centers and rural regions. 



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