Patrick Bohan for Congress

Just because it is hard it doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to do it!

Here is My Master Plan to Get America Back on Course

States should follow Article V of the Constitution and hold an annual constitutional amendment conference. At the conference each state receives one vote and those proposals that receive two-thirds majority legally become amendments to the Constitution.


Pass an amendment or legislation that places 12-year term limits on the House of Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court.


Pass an amendment or legislation that allows states the right to veto federal legislation with three-fifths majority.


Pass an Amendment or legislation to repeal the Eleventh, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Amendments.


Pass an amendment or legislation that protects citizenship by requiring a national identification card for privileges to work, vote, education, receive benefits, etc.


Pass an amendment or legislation for a balance budget to control our 30 trillion-dollar national debt. As part of this amendment or legislation the executive branch shall be granted the power to a line-item veto. This will prevent unnecessary and wasteful spending practices in omnibus spending bills. Since the President can only pass spending bills in their entirety, there is no mechanism to weed out the wasteful pet projects politicians try to win for their state or districts.


Pass an amendment or legislation to define United States citizens fundamental natural rights that should be the focus of all legislative regulations and laws. Laws and regulations outside the scope of protecting the rights of all United States citizens should be voided by the courts. Documenting a comprehensive list of fundamental rights will reinforce that sovereignty resides with “we the people”, not the government. The purpose of the amendment should also be to restore free speech, property, contract, work, religious, and gun rights to their original Constitutional meaning. For instance, the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment reads “Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Twelve simple words whose meaning have been twisted to read “private property can be taken for public or private benefit without just compensation.” Cases like Kelo v. New London, Berman v. Parker, Penn Central v. New York City, and Sierra Tahoe v. Tahoe Regional Planning Association have completely changed the meaning of the takings clause. Of course, government welfare and other eminent domain laws violate this simple clause. Nobody’s property is safe from government confiscation. What compensation do renter receive for their “blighted property” being taken away? None! The list of rights protected should include the right to speech, religion or conscience, self-defense, due process or justice, property, the ability to enter into contracts, voting privileges,  the right to obtain knowledge, life, liberty, to create friendships, to raise a family, to marriage, to unrestricted travel, to enjoy lawful recreational activities, to work a lawful profession, to choose, to privacy, the ability to pursue health, to equality, to safety, to profit from our labor, to have representation in government, to have the capability to pursue happiness, and the antiwelfare right.


Pass an amendment or legislation that in the name of national unity each citizen of the United States has equal natural law fundamental rights. The United States is a country defined by equal rights, not diversity. There shall be no laws that regulate race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status or any other demographic that is used to create polarity, division, and displacement of rights. The objective of political parties and the government is to protect the rights of everyone equally and not to impose their beliefs on the minority party.


Pass a school choice amendment or legislation that reads: Parents have the right to choose the school for their child’s education and their tax money should follow the child to the school they attend.


Pass an amendment or legislation that climate change legislation cannot violate fundamental rights by restricting carbon emissions. Instead, the focus should be on empowering the private sector to develop carbon capture techniques and methods.


Pass an amendment or legislation stating emergency powers and laws are temporary and have to be renewed on a yearly basis. These laws must be applied equally and must be the least evasive method of achieving its objective. For example, government laws banning fundamental rights due to Covid cannot be permanent.


States that opt out of federal legislation shall receive a tax rebate so they are not coerced by the federal government to sign on to legislation they oppose.


Reinstate republican principles such as those checks and balances to secure bipartisanship such as the two-thirds majority to pass legislation and confirm nominations to important federal posts.


Restore federalism and states’ powers. In other words, uphold the Tenth Amendment.


Restore the Founders definition of the interstate commerce clause which means trade between the states and nothing more. This may be accomplished by overruling Nebbia v. New York, United States v. Carolene Product, and Wickard v. Filburn.  


Restore the Founders definition of the necessary and proper clause which means the government may act if, and only if, there is both a compelling reason and they use the least evasive method to achieve their objective.


Abolish the departments of education, agriculture, energy, the environmental protection agency, labor, health and human services, internal revenue service, and housing and urban development. The Internal Revenue Service may be abolished after repealing the Sixteenth Amendment and implementing a fair tax or national sales tax.


Restrict the jurisdiction of federal law enforcement to only those crimes enumerated in the Constitution: piracy, counterfeiting, treason, slavery, and high crimes. Federal enforcement can also protect federal institutions and national security such as for national intelligence, immigration services, the Post Office, military, and other legal federal departments and agencies. Local crimes should be administered by local government and courts.


Remove abortion from the federal realm by overruling Casey v. Planned Parenthood. (done)


Restore republican forms of government at the state level upholding Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. Overrule Reynolds v. Simms and Baker v. Carr forcing states to have a democracy. This will bring parity between urban and rural areas.


Laws and regulations should pass a simple litmus test: Does the law protect the rights of citizens and is the law or regulation applied to everyone equally? If legislation, laws, or regulations cannot pass this test, then the law or regulation should be voided.