Patrick Bohan for Congress: Climate Change Policy

Obama dismantled NASA and a decade later the private sector was sending astronauts back in space. Similarly, the private sector can develop techniques to capture carbon or scrub carbon from the atmosphere without having to alter or mitigate our right to travel, recreation, work, safety, or health by having inordinate costs for fossil fuels and energy. Our energy policy should be directed by the private sector and include renewables, fossil fuels, nuclear, thermal, and whatever other options that exist or can be developed. Current green policies drive up costs and taxes by placing a prohibition on fossil fuel jobs, production, and products. For instance, cars are made less safe (lighter) so car manufacturers can meet mileage requirements. Higher energy costs mean less liberty to travel, engage in recreational activities, and it can be detrimental to those with health risks who cannot afford heat and air conditioning. We must overcome the fallacy that electric cars, solar panels, wind farms, and hydro power are green. Electric cars run on dirty energy sources and promote the mining of metals to build 1000-pound batteries. Furthermore, dead car batteries cannot be recycled. Solar panels and wind farms take up and disturb vast amounts of space, kill birds, and are located far away from the energy grid requiring more infrastructure. Hydropower disrupts fish and other marine life. Green is not really green. The only green option is for the private sector to remove carbon directly from the atmosphere.