Patrick Bohan for Congress: Undocumented Immigration

If an undocumented immigrant violates the rights of one American citizen through criminal activity, carrying a contagious and deadly illness, replacing citizens in the workforce, diluting the votes of citizens, displacing persons wanting to immigrate legally, or accepting tax money without contributing to society, then it should be the objective of the government to end the practice. Besides, if the United States knowingly allows entry to one undocumented immigrant, then technically, they cannot deny anyone illegal entry into our country. Unsecure borders are a national security risk allowing potential terrorists and criminals safe passage or allowing lethal drugs laced with fentanyl into the hands of unsuspecting citizens.  The federal government has very few Constitutional responsibilities but protecting our borders and citizens should be its top priority and objective. It is very puzzling that the federal government wants to control things that are beyond their Constitutional powers but at the same time it neglects things that they do have authority over. 

All that said, I am open to increasing legal immigration. America was built on legal immigration and that practice needs to be fostered. I truly wish it were possible to accommodate everyone who wants to come to the United States. Unfortunately, that is not realistic or possible without stressing and breaking the economy.