Patrick Bohan for Congress: National Debt Policy

The root cause of most economic issues can be traced to the national debt. No debt means a stronger dollar and a healthy economy. Even national security risks can be traced to the national debt when countries such as China own big chunks of the debt. There should be a balanced budget amendment that ensures the government cannot generate debt. As part of that amendment, the president should also have the power to a line-item veto in omnibus spending bills to control appropriations. One primary reason our Founders fought a revolutionary war was because of taxation without representation. The debt is a tax on future American citizens who have no voice in government, and this violates their fundament right to be represented in government. The federal government should focus on perfecting the few grants of power given to them in the Constitution. Instead, the federal government regulates just about every aspect of human life, and it does it poorly. For instance, the federal government has grants of power for national security and control over the post office. Yet, our southern border is a mess, and the post office loses billions every year. The federal government has no grant of power to regulate welfare, yet it is a huge part of our national budget. About 30% of government money earmarked for poverty makes it to the people requiring assistance. Any private sector charity with that track record would surely go belly up. My point is that there are a lot of avenues to reduce the national debt if the federal government honored the Constitution.