Patrick Bohan for Congress: National Polarity

To end national division and polarity, we must eliminate bad manners that can have a profound negative effect on nations. Founder of the Revolutionary War movement Samuel Adams said, “Neither the wisest nor the wisest laws will secure liberty and happiness if a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” Furthermore, Abraham Lincoln realized during the Civil War that America could only be destroyed from within. The present state of American politics is what I like to call “The age of rage.” Moreover, polarizing politics have created fringe elements within society that are filled with anger and hate. We can heal this disease by uniting those in the middle with a louder, bigger, and more powerful message of tolerance. Liberty is about tolerance and acceptance. The objective of the government is to promote domestic tranquility, not to categorize the populous based on demographics to create culture wars. One way to achieve better political manners is to limit government so they do not have the power nor the capacity to be destructive and create culture wars. The narcissistic mentality that the government is to cater to the beliefs and ideology of a majority has got to end. We need to adjust our mentality that the role of government is to protect the rights of all citizens equally.